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Your My Library Account is your single access point to everything from borrowing books to accessing the library's online research databases.

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The Online Public Access Catalog is an electronic representation of the Library's holdings where you can search for material that is available for loan. Your My Library Account affords you additional features on the OPAC such as placing a book on hold etc.

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Research Databases

EBSCO, GALE, PROQUEST and many more scholarly resources to aid in your research and studies.

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Library news

Freshmen Library Orientation begins soon: Click Here For Schedule

We've launched a new Free Trial Database: Nutrition Reference Center

  • Condition-specific diet topics
  • Food-specific topics
  • Nutrition skills checklists
  • Cultural competencies
  • Over 75 high-quality CEU modules
  • Key reference books
  • Nearly 600 relevant patient education topics
  • Breaking news
  • Relevant clinical updates

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